W. Thomas Chappell

By An Overview of Virginia Law on Electronic Signatures, Virginia Law Provides Avenue To Save Imperfectly-Executed Wills, Supreme Court Of Virginia Now Requires Votes Of Two Writ Panel Members To Grant An Appeal, We’ve Been Sued! We Need to Sue! What to Expect When Your Association Goes to General District Court, COVID-19 Legislative Update: Community Association Boards May Meet Virtually During State of Emergency, The Impact Of Coronavirus On Virginia Community Associations – FAQs, 2020 Legislative Changes Affecting Virginia Community Associations, Virginia Has Created a New Right of Appeal for Civil and Criminal Litigants, U.S. Supreme Court Rules that the NCAA’s Limits on Education-Related Benefits Violate Federal Antitrust Law, Appellate Law: Standard of Review in Virginia Appellate Courts, 2021 Legislative Changes that Impact Virginia Community Associations, Effect of Expanded Jurisdiction of Virginia Court of Appeals on Community Associations, A Brief Overview of Suspension Bonds and Appeal Bonds for Appeals to the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia, The New Court of Appeals of Virginia Issues Its First En Banc Ruling, Issuing an Important Ruling on Preservation of Error, What To Expect From The Virginia Supreme Court Regarding Certified Questions Of Law, Civil Interlocutory Appeals In Virginia, An Appeal of Right: Navigating the New Court of Appeals of Virginia, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, 2023 Virginia Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations, Interpanel Accord: An Important Concept for Civil Litigants in the New Court of Appeals of Virginia, Virginia Community Associations and the Corporate Transparency Act: New Federal Reporting Requirements Effective January 1, 2024, What to Watch for at Trial in Virginia Courts to Avoid Having Your Appeal “Disqualified” or “Sent to the Rear”

Anne G. Bibeau

By HR Challenges to Managing Remote Workers , U.S. Department of Labor Issues final Rule on Mandatory Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors, Fourth Circuit Articulates Test for Joint Employment under the FLSA, Two Significant Policy Changes by the Trump Administration’s Department of Labor, Changes on the Horizon in Labor and Employment Law, NLRB Comes to its Senses on Joint-Employer Liability, Overruling its Browning-Ferris Decision, Conducting Effective Sexual Harassment Investigations, RESTAURANT AND HOTEL INDUSTRY ALERT: SIGNIFICANT CHANGES FOR TIP POOLING ARRANGEMENTS, COURT RULES THAT SALARY HISTORY DOES NOT JUSTIFY PAY DISCREPANCY UNDER EQUAL PAY ACT, THE SUPREME COURT RULES THAT AUTOMOBILE SERVICE ADVISORS ARE FLSA EXEMPT., Agreements Not to Hire Another Business’s Employees And Sharing Wage Information May Violate Antitrust Laws, U.S. Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Employment Agreements Requiring Arbitration On An Individual Rather Than Class Or Collective Basis., EPIC FOLLOW-UP: COURT CONFIRMS THAT CLASS-ACTION WAIVERS APPLY TO FLSA ARBITRATION, U.S. Department of Labor Proposes New Salary Threshold, The Department of Labor Proposes New Rule Regarding the Regular Rate of Pay, New Virginia Law Regarding Personnel Records, Cannabis Confusion: The Proliferation Of Cbd Products Can Be Misleading, Virginia’s Right To Work Law Is Under Attack, Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Employers Need To Know, Employers Must Post Notice to Employees Regarding Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Leave, DOL and IRS Issue Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Paid Leave, Virginia Bans Covenants Not To Compete for Some Employees, Plan Now for Reopening Your Business, PPP Forgiveness When a Furloughed Employee Refuses to Return to Work, BRACE YOURSELF: Virginia Employers Should Prepare Now for an Onslaught of Litigation, CDC Issues Additional Guidance for Businesses on Reopening, DOL Revises its FFCRA Paid Leave Rule To Narrow the Category of Health Law Providers that Can Be Exempted from the Paid Leave Requirements, Federal Contractors Beware: New Executive Order Prohibits Certain Anti-Discrimination Training, DOL Proposes New Rule Clarifying Independent Contractor Status, COVID CONFUSION: Recent Updates from the CDC and Governor Northam Leave Employers with More Questions and No Clear Answers, The FFCRA Paid Leave is Dead (Unless You Liked It), Marijuana Legalization in Virginia: It’s Almost 4:20, Cultivating a Cannabis Business Under Virginia’s New Marijuana Law, Yes, private employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccines — and it’s becoming more common, lawyer says, Legal Alert: Biden’s Plan Will Expand Vaccination Requirements, Virginia’s Permanent COVID Standard Has Been Revised, Again, Legal Alert: New Vaccination Requirements for Federal Contractors, OSHA Has Issued Its Emergency Temporary Standard for Businesses with 100 or More Employees, LEGAL ALERT: Federal Court Issues Nationwide Injunction Against Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate, COVID Updates for the New Year, Federal Contractors Now Restricted in Questioning Applicants about Their Criminal Records, New Certification Requirement for Federal Contractors, New Federal Law Ends Mandatory Arbitration of Sexual Harassment and Assault Claims, Cleaning Up Its Mess — the Virginia Assembly Ditches Virginia’s Overtime Wage Act, The ARPA Extends and Expands the FFCRA Paid Leave and Tax Credit for Employers Who Opt To Use It, New Federal Laws Strengthen Protections for Pregnant and Postpartum Workers, FTC Proposes Rule Banning Non-Compete Clauses, Are Your Highly Compensated Employees Exempt Under FLSA?, Do Non-Compete Agreements Violate the NLRA?, Department of Labor Proposes Increasing Minimum Overtime Exemption Salary to $55,068, Open Registration: HR2023 Back on Track: WRVB’s 42nd Annual Labor & Employment Seminars, Department of Labor’s New Employee Classification Rule, Will Virginia Finally Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales?, Gov. Youngkin Rejects Recreational Cannabis Sales

Neil S. Lowenstein

By “ALTERNATIVE” DISPUTES RESOLUTION: THE MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION OPTIONS, ConsensusDocs Updates 200 Series, Succession Planning: Keeping What You Built Positively Moving Forward, Mechanic’s Liens: Small Mistakes Can Have Large Consequences, Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 1), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 2), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 3), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 4), Contractor Safety Continues to Improve, but Trends Continue, Mediation: What Is It And Why Do It?, Supporting Your Position: Progress and Issue Documentation is Time Well Spent, Construction Project Team Considerations Regarding COVID-19, Virginia’s Mechanic’s Lien Plus Statute: Making those in higher tiers personally liable separate from and regardless of mechanic’s lien rights, “Zone of Reasonableness” Test Prerequisite Addressed by the Federal Circuit, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: A Short Guide for Employers, Emergency Temporary Safety Rules Effective July 27 in Virginia, Virginia DPOR Offices Closing But Taking Administrative Actions to Minimize COVID-Related Impacts., Virginia’s Proposed Permanent Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention Regulations: A reminder that the opportunity for public comment closes September 25, 2020, Virginia’s New COVID-19 Reporting Change and Online Reporting Portal, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Introduction to Federal and State Standards, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Training and Supervision, Contractor Takeover Leads to Tortious Interference With Contract and Conspiracy Claims, COVID-19: Fatigue Remains, But Ignore the Global Situation at Your Peril, Construction Industry Safety Awareness, Heat Protection Awareness: It’s starting to get hot again in many places and in other places heat is a constant issue, Emergency Action Plans, ICE Issues New Form I-9 for Mandatory Use Starting November 1, 2023, New Federal Proposed Rule Addressing “Pay Equity and Transparency in Federal Contracting”

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