ConsensusDocs continues to look to expand its use in the construction marketplace with its introduction of new 200 Series forms; the 235 Owner & Constructor Short Form Agreement (Cost of Work) and the 245 Owner & Design Professional Short Form Agreement. They update the prior 2014 versions; and are available at the ConsensusDocs website: Both are intended as condensed agreements, but with improved options. These are now part of the 100 plus documents in the ConsensusDocs catalog; which include the 200 Series (General Contracting); the 300 Series (Collaborative Contracting); the 400 Series (Design Build); the 500 Series (CM At-Risk); the 700 Series (Subcontracting); and the 800 Series (Program Management). ConsensusDocs has advised that additional revisions are intended in 2017 for the 410, 415, 420, 450, 460, and 500 document forms. ConsensusDocs offers its documents as alternative “coalition” project documents developed with the consensus of 40 construction industry associations, including designers, owners, contractors, and sureties. Those members have agreed to stop publishing their owner documents as ConsensusDocs forms are available, and in return for that agreement and their investment in the documents share in document sale profits. The ConsensusDocs forms, as with other industry consensus forms, offer alternative contracting tools for most construction projects; but as with all contracting tools require detailed review to determine appropriateness for specific projects.