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Deborah M. Casey

By 2017 Virginia Legislative Forecast*, 2017 VA General Assembly Update For Community Associations (Week 2), Good Collection Practices Protect Lifeblood of Community Associations, Top Reasons to Amend a Community Association’s Governing Documents, 2018 Legislative Changes That Affect Community Associations, 2019 Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations, Coronavirus: Protecting Community Associations and Continuing to Operate, Coronavirus: Additional Consideration for Protecting Community Associations¬†and Continuing to Operate, Impact of Coronavirus on Pool Season for Community Associations, Community Association Board Meetings During the Time of COVID-19, The Impact Of Coronavirus On Virginia Community Associations – FAQs, Technology for Community Associations in the Midst of Coronavirus, The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (HOTMA) Update, A Corporate Formality with Significant Implications – Carefully Select our Community Associations Registered Agent, 2020 Legislative Changes Affecting Virginia Community Associations, Circuit Court Upholds Rule Requiring Residents to Sign Assumption of Risk Form As a Condition to Using Certain Common Areas During the Pandemic, Court Upholds Mandatory Assumption Of COVID-19 Risk Form, Virginia Circuit Court Upholds Rule Requiring Residents To Sign Assumption Of Risk Form As A Condition To Using Certain Common Areas During The Pandemic, Hindsight is 2020 — A Look Back at Impact of COVID-19 on Community Associations Focuses Efforts Moving Forward, Community Associations Legal Alerts: Ending of Certain Public Health Restrictions Effective May 28, 2021, 2021 Legislative Changes Impacting Virginia Community Associations, Legal Counsel’s Two Cents on Community Association Budget Considerations, Don’t Be Dazed and Confused, So You Joined the Board…Now What? Check Out Tips from An Attorney, Shining a Light on Executive Session, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations

Dustin M. Paul

By Federal rulemakers consider a rulemaking petition on demurrage and detention charges, In the Words of Office Space, “What Would You Say You Do Here?”, Judge Rebecca Beach Smith Will Take Senior Status, EDVA OPINION WATCH: Judge Smith Sustains Limited Objection to Report and Recommendation, Non-EDVA Case of the Month (July), EDVA TRIVIA: Once the Fourth Circuit Overturned Justice Rehnquist!, EDVA CASE TO WATCH: Back Bay Restoration v. US Army Corps of Engineers,, EDVA BY THE NUMBERS: How Many “Core Civil” Cases are there in Norfolk?, You Should Read this 26 Page Opinion on ERISA—No, really., EDVA CASE TO WATCH (UPDATE): BACK BAY RESTORATION V. US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, I’m Well-Versed in Bird Law., EDVA BY THE NUMBERS: How Frequently are Magistrates Overseeing Cases in Norfolk?, EDVA OPINION WATCH: Beware: Your “Notice Of Claim” May Not Be a Notice of Claim, Statutes, Statues, and Municipal Constitutional Rights, Oh My., A Proposed Amendment to Rule 7.1¬†, Service on an Incompetent Man?, You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play, “I Like Beer”: Non-EDVA Case of the Month, It’s Not Over ’til it’s Over, Upcoming CLE—Be the Exception to the Rule: Beyond the Basics of Federal Court Practice, The Return of Corpus Linguistics, STATUTES, STATUES, AND MUNICIPAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (Part 2), Is Denial of a Motion to File a Surreply Really a Denial if the Court Reads it Anyway?, EDVA Norfolk is BACK!, Welcome Back to Hampton Roads Judge Roderick Young, Let Your Fingers Fly—At Least in North Carolina, OYSTER FIGHT!, To Infinity and Beyond Immediate Parties: The Fourth and Ninth Circuit Split on the Enforceability of “Infinite Arbitration Clauses”, LOCAL FBA CHAPTER ANNUAL MEETING on November 10, 2020, Magistrate Judge Leonard holds that the FRCP Require Parties to Sign Authorizations, To Lawyers, “R&R” Doesn’t Only Refer to Rest and Relaxation, The Power of the Court Compels You: The Frequency and Result of Motions to Compel in the Norfolk and Newport News Divisions of the Eastern District of Virginia, BOOOOO!, Non-EDVA Opinion of the Month: Candy Sticks and the 3rd Circuit, Does the standard Virus Exclusion in an all-risk policy cover government-ordered COVID-19 shutdowns? Judges in the EDVA disagree., 11 tips to survive your freshman year as an associate

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