Virginia Common Interest Communities Statutes

With the exception of property owners’ associations, common interest communities (CIC) in Virginia are created by statute. Virginia recognizes four categories of CICs: (1) condominium associations, (2) property owners’ associations, (3) cooperatives, and (4) time shares. Each category of community is governed by a specific Chapter in Title 55.1 of the Code of Virginia.

The Virginia Code also contains laws that govern condominium associations, cooperatives, and property owners’ association managers.  Those laws are located in the Common Interest Communities Act at Va. Code § 54.1-2345, et seq.

If an association is incorporated as a Virginia nonstock corporation, the association will also be governed by the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act located in Va. Code § 13.1-801, et. seq.

Common Interest Community Regulations

The Virginia Administrative Code contains regulations, which are applicable to Common Interest Communities.  The regulations are made by the Common Interest Community Board and are located in Title 18 of the VAC.

Fair Housing Laws, Regulations, and Other Reference Materials

Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman

Common Interest Community Board