W. Thomas Chappell

By An Overview of Virginia Law on Electronic Signatures, Virginia Law Provides Avenue To Save Imperfectly-Executed Wills, Supreme Court Of Virginia Now Requires Votes Of Two Writ Panel Members To Grant An Appeal, We’ve Been Sued! We Need to Sue! What to Expect When Your Association Goes to General District Court, COVID-19 Legislative Update: Community Association Boards May Meet Virtually During State of Emergency, The Impact Of Coronavirus On Virginia Community Associations – FAQs, 2020 Legislative Changes Affecting Virginia Community Associations, Virginia Has Created a New Right of Appeal for Civil and Criminal Litigants, U.S. Supreme Court Rules that the NCAA’s Limits on Education-Related Benefits Violate Federal Antitrust Law, Appellate Law: Standard of Review in Virginia Appellate Courts, 2021 Legislative Changes that Impact Virginia Community Associations, Effect of Expanded Jurisdiction of Virginia Court of Appeals on Community Associations, A Brief Overview of Suspension Bonds and Appeal Bonds for Appeals to the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia, The New Court of Appeals of Virginia Issues Its First En Banc Ruling, Issuing an Important Ruling on Preservation of Error, What To Expect From The Virginia Supreme Court Regarding Certified Questions Of Law, Civil Interlocutory Appeals In Virginia, An Appeal of Right: Navigating the New Court of Appeals of Virginia, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, 2023 Virginia Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations, Interpanel Accord: An Important Concept for Civil Litigants in the New Court of Appeals of Virginia

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