Cannabis Law

Weed on the Jobsite: Understanding Virginia’s Marijuana Legalization

By Anne G. Bibeau

A webinar in collaboration with the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance. We will discuss the new Virginia law and how it will affect construction and mining safety in Virginia. Presenter: Anne G. Bibeau This video is for general information about the topics discussed and is not legal advice. Nor does any exchange of information associated with this video in any way establish an attorney-client relationship.

It’s Almost 4:20 in Virginia: What Employers Need to Know About Marijuana Laws

By Anne G. Bibeau, Jonathan V. Gallo

This webinar discusses Virginia’s legislative progress on cannabis, from the limited authorization of CBD oil and THC-A for medical purposes in 2015 to full legalization of marijuana in 2021, to take effect in 2024. In addition, we review the current state of federal law on cannabis and legal considerations for employers regarding marijuana issues in the workplace.

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