Our eDiscovery attorneys and professionals help clients manage this critical component of their litigation strategy. Discovery has long been one of the most important and expensive components of litigation. Historically paper-driven, the bulk of discovery today is electronically stored information (ESI), including:

  • Word and Excel documents
  • Emails
  • PDF images
  • Cell phone text messages
  • Social media posts

The volume of ESI held by companies significantly increased over the last 20 years, making discovery involving ESI, now known as E-discovery, extremely significant to litigation strategies.

Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black’s (WRVB) dedicated e-discovery team has a solid understanding of the legal requirements for the preservation and collection of ESI. Two seasoned litigators, Practice Chair Patice Holland and Vice-Chair Jon Hollis, lead a team of attorneys and practice experts who are highly credentialed and experienced in their respective fields, all serving the best interest of the client.

WRVB can assist you with extensive experience in:

  • In-house training regarding data preservation when litigation is anticipated
  • Preparing instruments showing that preservation due diligence has been met as required by many courts, such as litigation hold policies and letters
  • Conducting defensible interviews of employees defined as custodians of relevant information
  • Collection, either conventional or forensic, of relevant information to an internal investigation, potential litigation, or litigation itself
  • Processing ESI with e-discovery software in a manner that ensures efficiency and cost control for example, by reducing millions of collected electronic pages to only the several hundred needing review or production
  • Producing ESI to client users or to counsel in litigation in a manner reflecting the complicated best practices with a simple, defensible, and documented approach
  • Hosting ESI for attorney use in representing you effectively and efficiently
  • Reviewing ESI through our in-house platform, which can significantly reduce expenses

With diverse experiences and expertise, WRVB’s team represents a critical ingredient in one of its most important services within the investigatory or litigation context.

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