Brooke’s practice focuses on family and domestic law. Her family law services include divorces, custody, division of marital property, spousal support, including post-divorce modifications, and premarital agreements. Brooke is a strong proponent of the Collaborative Divorce Process and she is a trained Collaborative Divorce Professional.

Brooke serves as Guardian ad litem to children involved in high conflict custody matters and works with divorcing parents to develop arrangements that are in their children’s best interests. Family law is often an emotionally charged issue, but Brooke’s clients can always count on a steadfast, practical, and smart long-term strategy designed to preserve dignity for the entire family.

Brooke is a longtime Roanoke resident who began her career as a business and corporate transactional attorney and transitioned her practice to family and domestic law. She understands the complexities of owning and operating a closely-held business and the flow of income for high net-worth or self-employed individuals. Working with businesses also provided Brooke experience in shaping deals and making transactions work seamlessly, all of which translates well into helping her family law clients, regardless of whether a business is involved or not.  While Brooke’s approach is often focused on helping clients find out of court resolutions, she is an accomplished and aggressive domestic law litigator.