Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black’s (WRVB) Family and Domestic Law group represents clients in all aspects of family law and divorce. We guide clients through the complexity of family law matters ranging from advanced premarital planning to postnuptial and property settlement agreements. We also assist clients in alimony agreements, custody disputes, child and spousal support issues/litigation, divorce, premarital and prenuptial contracts, preparation and enforcement of separation agreements, and the division of marital property. We counsel on all of these matters by means of litigation, mediation, or collaboration.

Representing husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, and children, our Family Law group provides:

  • Counsel on custody, custody disputes, and visitation arrangements
  • Divorce representation
  • Determination of equitable distribution of property
  • Domestic adoption
  • Preparation and enforcement of premarital and pre-union contracts
  • Preparation and enforcement of separation agreements
  • Prenuptial and property settlement agreements
  • Child and spousal support litigation
  • Division of marital property
  • Litigation, mediation, and collaboration


WRVB’s guardianship and elder law attorneys make every effort to eliminate the emotional demand and legal uncertainty of caring for the elderly and those who are incompetent to manage financial affairs. We provide services for those caring for the person and property of the elderly or incompetent, which might include a loved one with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury, or other disabilities.

Our lawyers assist with a wide range of elder law issues, including:

  • Creating personalized powers of attorney
  • Creating advance medical directives to avoid the complexities, uncertainties, and cost of court proceedings by planning for the future
  • Filing and defending guardianship and conservatorship petitions


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