Vandeventer Black LLP, a business and litigation law firm headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, launched a new Hemp and Medical Cannabis law practice. This practice will focus on helping businesses face the complex federal, state, and local laws governing the cultivation, processing, dispensing and sale of cannabis, cannabis-derived products, and hemp products.

“The rapid expansion of the medical cannabis industry, and recent increased hemp production in the United States, has created significant opportunities for new business ventures and investments,” said Anne G. Bibeau, partner of Vandeventer Black.

Businesses engaged in, or even considering, this highly-complex industry would be wise to seek legal counsel, due to the many challenges in this rapidly expanding industry. Hemp and cannabis businesses, like any other, need to be well-informed and prepared for all types of issues, including, banking and financing processes, licensure and certifications, cybersecurity threats, environmental regulations, construction, land use, real estate, tax, commercial transactions, and others.

“We have a team of experienced business and regulatory attorneys that can assist businesses in navigating these legal boundaries and achieve success in this rapidly expanding industry,” said Jonathan V. Gallo, an attorney with Vandeventer Black.

Prior to joining Vandeventer Black, Gallo was part of the three-year effort that resulted in the implementation of the State of New Hampshire’s first therapeutic cannabis program, which continues in operation. This effort included the development of program regulations, the dispensary applications process, selection, and eventual licensing of four therapeutic cannabis dispensaries that are the first of their kind in the state.