Business involves risk, but all risks are not created equal. Many areas of exposure can be minimized or mitigated through careful planning and decisionmaking. When disputes arise, however, the experienced litigators and malpractice defense attorneys of Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black (WRVB) can defend you from a broad range of civil and commercial claims.

Our liability defense attorneys have successfully represented individual and corporate clients from a variety of highly regulated industries. We have notable experience in the following areas:

  • Medical malpractice. Our attorneys have decades of experience defending individual practitioners, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, as well as clinics, physician practices, hospitals, and health systems in high-stakes litigation. When disputes arise with regulatory bodies and entities, we can provide you with effective representation before boards of medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, and other health professions.
  • Professional liability. Successful liability claims can impact your ability to make a living in the career you have spent decades pursuing. We work closely with you to expedite dispute resolution in a manner that protects you, your reputation, and the individuals and families that depend on your services.
  • Workers’ compensation. Our attorneys collaborate with employers and insurance carriers to develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and minimize disputes. We draw on our in-depth experience with federal and state workers’ compensation laws and regulations to help you address all aspects of occupational health and safety concerns.

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