Financial service providers connect every element of the economy while balancing service, profitability, and compliance in a highly regulated industry. The financial services attorneys at Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black (WRVB) offer sophisticated guidance on the commercial, legal, and regulatory issues facing this key sector—from traditional banking matters to financial technology (FinTech) innovations, data privacy, and cybersecurity.

We provide counsel in the following areas:

  • Commercial lending. We have represented lenders and non-bank clients in billions of dollars of commercial loan closings and have extensive experience with loans from commercial banks and conduit lenders, recourse and non-recourse loans, and virtually all kinds of collateral and security interests. Learn more about our Commercial Lending attorneys.
  • Compliance & FinTech. Financial institutions must stay abreast of current developments and ensure compliance with evolving rules. From truth in lending and mortgages to FinTech partnerships, we can help you understand your responsibilities and address the impact of newly emerging laws and regulations. Learn more about our team of Compliance & FinTech attorneys.
  • Credit unions. WRVB has partnered with credit union leagues across the east coast to operate compliance and HR hotlines. Our attorneys understand the unique legal needs and operational structure of credit unions, from member services, governance, and lending, to bankruptcy, dispute resolution, and data privacy. Learn more about our Credit Union services.
  • Public finance. We represent municipalities, issuing authorities, corporate trustees, bond purchasers, underwriters, issuers of letters of credit, liquidity providers, and other participants in tax-exempt financing matters. We help clients negotiate and close a range of general obligation, revenue, and other types of bond financings. Learn more about our team of Public Finance attorneys.
  • Special assets. Economic conditions have created significant challenges for commercial and consumer borrowers and affected asset quality. We help financial clients address and resolve a broad range of issues arising from an increase in problem credits and the need for higher loan loss provisions and reserves. Learn more about our Special Assets team of attorneys.
  • Sureties. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in surety and related fidelity law matters. Among other services, we provide guidance on negotiation and preparation of agreements of indemnity, securing collateral for the surety, conducting principal default reviews and completion actions, and defending and prosecuting claims. Learn more about our Sureties attorneys.

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