Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black’s (WRVB) Community Association law practice provides comprehensive legal services specific to the needs of our community association clients. As one of the most progressive practices in Virginia, our team has extensive experience working with a large roster of common interest community boards and managers on the wide range of issues presented on a daily basis, as well as in less typical and more complex situations.

Tailored Legal Counseling and Strategic Guidance

We recognize the unique and multifaceted nature of community associations and address their needs efficiently and effectively. We provide strategic guidance in the interpretation, review, and development of governing documents and operational issues and assist with developing and implementing policy. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional value while maintaining superior quality, professionalism, and integrity.

The scope of our representation of community associations spans the spectrum of legal issues from:

  • Assessment collection, liens and foreclosure, and bankruptcy
  • Construction issues
  • Corporate counsel
  • Drafting, amending, and interpreting documents
  • Enforcement of covenants, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution
  • Environmental
  • Fair housing, discrimination, regulatory and other complaints
  • Financing and fund management
  • Insurance
  • Land use issues
  • Major repairs projects
  • Operations and governance issues, with particular emphasis on corporate, contracts, and employment, among others
  • Registered agent services
  • Transition to aging properties

Where We Can Help

WRVB attorneys serve as legal counsel to community associations throughout Virginia, including:

  • Hampton Roads / Coastal Virginia
  • Peninsula
  • Williamsburg
  • Richmond
  • Central Virginia
  • Eastern Shore
  • Western Virginia

By integrating expertise from subject matter specialists in WRVB’s other practice groups (including construction, employment, fair housing, environmental, taxation, corporate, finance, litigation, and contracts), we are able to best meet the needs of the associations we serve. We take a proactive approach to avoid disputes when possible. We have a team of experienced litigators to support community associations in disputes that arise, such as warranty obligations, construction defects, breach of contract, covenants and rules enforcement, governance, insurance, and surety claims. As practitioners of all forms of dispute resolution, we take pride in using creative ideas to help our clients resolve disputes in the most efficient manner.

At WRVB, we prioritize staying current and playing a role in the evolution of the law and legal trends in this specialized area. We are dedicated to providing leadership in the Community Associations Institute, an international member organization with local chapters whose purpose is to promote, improve, and advance the interests of community associations and the community at large.

Successful assessment collection is the lifeblood of every community association. WRVB excels at effective and efficient assessment collection. By investing in and utilizing technology, dedicating staff, and cultivating a roster of attorneys to prosecute cases, we produce superior results that provide a positive return to our clients. Our team is seasoned in the broad range of creditors’ rights, including lien and lien enforcement, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

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