Kathleen W. Panagis

By Making Your List and Checking it Twice: Holiday Party Checklist for Virginia Community Associations, Coronavirus: Additional Consideration for Protecting Community Associations and Continuing to Operate, Impact of Coronavirus on Pool Season for Community Associations, Community Association Board Meetings During the Time of COVID-19, The Impact Of Coronavirus On Virginia Community Associations – FAQs, Impact of Executive Order 68 on Hampton Roads Community Associations, Understanding the Legal Aspects of Privacy in the Age of Smart Phones and Residential Security Cameras, 2020 Legislative Changes Affecting Virginia Community Associations, Circuit Court Upholds Rule Requiring Residents to Sign Assumption of Risk Form As a Condition to Using Certain Common Areas During the Pandemic, A Quick Refresher on the Association Complaint Procedure, Virginia Circuit Court Upholds Rule Requiring Residents To Sign Assumption Of Risk Form As A Condition To Using Certain Common Areas During The Pandemic, Sit, Stay, And Learn: Assistance Animal And Virginia Common Interest Communities, Spring Cleaning For Virginia Community Associations Top 10 Policies and Procedures, Hindsight is 2020 — A Look Back at Impact of COVID-19 on Community Associations Focuses Efforts Moving Forward, Community Associations Legal Alerts: Ending of Certain Public Health Restrictions Effective May 28, 2021, 2021 Legislative Changes Impacting Virginia Community Associations, Plugging In: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Virginia Community Associations, What the Beep?! New Law Changes Community Association Treatment of Accessible Parking Requests, Legal Counsel’s Two Cents on Community Association Budget Considerations, Don’t Be Dazed and Confused, So You Joined the Board…Now What? Check Out Tips from An Attorney, Making Your List and Checking it Twice: Holiday Party Checklist for Virginia Community Associations, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, Legal SPF: Summer Protection For Community Associations, 2023 Virginia Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations

Neil S. Lowenstein

By “ALTERNATIVE” DISPUTES RESOLUTION: THE MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION OPTIONS, ConsensusDocs Updates 200 Series, Succession Planning: Keeping What You Built Positively Moving Forward, Mechanic’s Liens: Small Mistakes Can Have Large Consequences, Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 1), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 2), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 3), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 4), Contractor Safety Continues to Improve, but Trends Continue, Mediation: What Is It And Why Do It?, Supporting Your Position: Progress and Issue Documentation is Time Well Spent, Construction Project Team Considerations Regarding COVID-19, Virginia’s Mechanic’s Lien Plus Statute: Making those in higher tiers personally liable separate from and regardless of mechanic’s lien rights, “Zone of Reasonableness” Test Prerequisite Addressed by the Federal Circuit, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: A Short Guide for Employers, Emergency Temporary Safety Rules Effective July 27 in Virginia, Virginia DPOR Offices Closing But Taking Administrative Actions to Minimize COVID-Related Impacts., Virginia’s Proposed Permanent Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention Regulations: A reminder that the opportunity for public comment closes September 25, 2020, Virginia’s New COVID-19 Reporting Change and Online Reporting Portal, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Introduction to Federal and State Standards, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Training and Supervision, Contractor Takeover Leads to Tortious Interference With Contract and Conspiracy Claims, COVID-19: Fatigue Remains, But Ignore the Global Situation at Your Peril, Construction Industry Safety Awareness, Heat Protection Awareness: It’s starting to get hot again in many places and in other places heat is a constant issue, Emergency Action Plans, ICE Issues New Form I-9 for Mandatory Use Starting November 1, 2023

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