Kitty Hawk

Neil S. Lowenstein

By “ALTERNATIVE” DISPUTES RESOLUTION: THE MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION OPTIONS, ConsensusDocs Updates 200 Series, Succession Planning: Keeping What You Built Positively Moving Forward, Mechanic’s Liens: Small Mistakes Can Have Large Consequences, Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 1), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 2), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 3), Project Fatality: Now What? (Part 4), Contractor Safety Continues to Improve, but Trends Continue, Mediation: What Is It And Why Do It?, Supporting Your Position: Progress and Issue Documentation is Time Well Spent, Construction Project Team Considerations Regarding COVID-19, Virginia’s Mechanic’s Lien Plus Statute: Making those in higher tiers personally liable separate from and regardless of mechanic’s lien rights, “Zone of Reasonableness” Test Prerequisite Addressed by the Federal Circuit, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: A Short Guide for Employers, Emergency Temporary Safety Rules Effective July 27 in Virginia, Virginia DPOR Offices Closing But Taking Administrative Actions to Minimize COVID-Related Impacts., Virginia’s Proposed Permanent Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention Regulations: A reminder that the opportunity for public comment closes September 25, 2020, Virginia’s New COVID-19 Reporting Change and Online Reporting Portal, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Introduction to Federal and State Standards, Heat-Related Illness Prevention: Training and Supervision, Contractor Takeover Leads to Tortious Interference With Contract and Conspiracy Claims, COVID-19: Fatigue Remains, But Ignore the Global Situation at Your Peril, Construction Industry Safety Awareness, Heat Protection Awareness: It’s starting to get hot again in many places and in other places heat is a constant issue, Emergency Action Plans, ICE Issues New Form I-9 for Mandatory Use Starting November 1, 2023, New Federal Proposed Rule Addressing “Pay Equity and Transparency in Federal Contracting”

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